Ukraine War, March 18, 2022: Biden has video call with Xi Jinping; Bashar al-Assad travels to UAE, in test to see if war criminal who committed monstrous crimes against humanity can be rehabilitated; U.S. should send clear signal to UAE, cut back on arms sales and defense cooperation with Emirates

Developing Dispatches 1) “Xi stresses joint China-U.S. efforts for world peace, tranquility,” Xinhua March 18, 2022 (22:45); 2) Le Monde avec AFP, “Bachar Al-Assad aux…

Khashoggi assassination: To really sanction MBS, minimize U.S. and allied dealings with him

Now, the U.S. can send a subte message to King Salman and the Saudi Royal family by having minimal contact and interaction with the Crown Prince.

The Saudis can choose whoever they want to be King.  But they should know that Americans will never forget or forgive the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.

If the Saudis enthrone MBS they are likely to have one kind of relationship with the United States. 8ut if they choose someone else to be King, they could have another kind of relationship.