Paulo Pinheiro

UN report charges al-Assad regime with crimes against humanity—Obama’s debacle in Syria — Update #75 (August 15)

The UN Commission of Inquiry has just filed an updated report on the atrocities in Syria, finding the government has committed the wide-scale and planned…

U.N. Human Rights Council adopts June 1 resolution condemning Syria (41-3-2), orders inquiry into Houla (Houleh) massacre (with video links)—Obama’s Debacle in Syria — Update #48 (June 5)

Following is the final version of the UN Human Rights Council resolution on the massacre in Syria, adopted on June 1 at an emergency session….

U.N. Commission Report on Crimes Against Humanity in Syria; Military Action; Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention in Syria and International Law

Terror That Cannot Be Stopped By Logic or Reason Bashar al-Assad’s assault on civilians with tanks, snipers, and all the instruments of terror of a modern state is…